Favourite new bike technologies

So, what about new bike technologies?

This past year we’ve been noticing many new technologies related to bikes and bike accessories. It has been quite an interesting year with a lot of creative ideas put into practice to make the lives of cyclists much easier 🙂

We would like to share some of our favourite technological advances from 2015:

  • The 10 most beautiful bicycles of 2015 with cool design concepts


  • Lumenus increases your visibility during times of low-light and helps cyclists be brighter with their intelligent clothing and accessories! It is pretty cool that it signals the change of direction.


  • Folding e-bike in 1 SECOND? Yes, it’s possible!
    Finally a great combo for your daily commuting has been invented.
    We wonder if something like this has the chance of becoming part of a commuter’s lifestyle.


  • Every kid’s future dream bike 🙂 Highly adjustable and adaptable, a Lego for bikes. http://leggobike.com/
  • We know Amsterdammers love their good ol’ oma bikes but these are pretty cool for the future! Can you imagine how would the Amsterdam cycling scene be in 50 years from now?