Top 5 reasons Why Amsterdam is the Best Place in the World for Bikes

Hey everyone, we’re Flat Tire, a mobile bike repair service dedicated to fixing your bicycle on location, so you don’t have to take it into the shop. Here you’ll find our new blog, where we’ll be posting about anything to do with Amsterdam, bikes and the Netherlands.

We started our business as a Facebook page two years ago. We began fixing bicycles freelance around the city, and over the past couple of years, our business has grown. We love Amsterdam not only because it’s one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also because we love to bike AND Amsterdam loves its cyclists! The Copenhagenize Index ranked Amsterdam the most cycling friendly city in the world, a title Amsterdam proudly has worn for years. Here are a few reasons why we think Amsterdam is the best place in the world for cycling:

Seldom needing to use public transportation.

Missed the last train? Have to wait twenty minutes for the next one? You never need to worry about that in Amsterdam if you have a bike. Not to mention packed tram cars and unpredictable metro construction. The city has no curfew when you’re on two wheels, and there are never any delays!

Daily physical exercise (and thus being able to eat whatever you want!).

Most Amsterdammers choose to bike everywhere. This means that bicycling ten to twenty kilometers per day (sometimes even more!) keeps you healthy, and happy. An added bonus is with all the exercise comes the need for more calories — so go ahead and have the second stroopwafel, or put hagelslag AND pindakaas on your toast in the morning!

Clean air!

With little use for cars in the city, Amsterdam is a quiet and clean city. No smells of petrol, no automobile horns, just the melodic sounds of bicycle bells as the bikes whizz past. Who wouldn’t want to bike everywhere when your city is clean and the air is fresh?

Bicycling is simply fun to do.

We all remember the first time we rode a bike by ourselves, pedaling furiously into the distance while our proud parents watched us closely behind. For most of us, it’s been years since that day, and perhaps we carry a little more with us than we did in our youth (gym bags, pets, maybe even children of our own), but bicycling still hasn’t lost its appeal.


Bicycling gives you freedom and autonomy — you can choose where you go, when you want to go and how you want to get there. There’s perhaps nothing either more liberating or empowering than that freedom of choice … so get out there and ride your bike! Wherever you want to go, the destination is up to you :)
Thanks for taking the time to check out our blog, and we hope that you have a newly rediscovered appreciation for bicycling in Amsterdam. Keep an eye out for more posts from us coming soon.

FlatTire Team