Warranty Policy – FlatTire


We’ve decided to take a step in offering a warranty with all our services and products. Here’s what this means:

First and most importantly, our warranty is a no questions asked warranty, except for very unusual cases.

What is unusual?

Well, for example, if we change your tire and tube, you get 3 months warranty (or 6 months with the Schwalbe Marathon Plus). This means that if you get a flat tire, regardless of the cause, we will fix it for free. Among notable exceptions, there’s the time your bicycle gets hit by a meteor or when someone lights a campfire under your tire (yes, we have seen that happen).

More seriously, we won’t cover it if your bicycle gets into an accident and the tire is destroyed. Also, a lot of annoying people around town like to unscrew valves. We also won’t cover that, so make sure to check 🙂  For everything else, we’d be more than happy to help out for free.

Oh, one last thing to keep in mind: Tires need to be inflated regularly (how to maintain your bicycle). It can be as little as once every 3 months, but we recommend doing it monthly for various reasons. If you have almost no air in your tire and hit a bump, your tire can get destroyed. Make sure that’s not the case by inflating your tires! 🙂

As with inflating tires, with other parts, regular adjusting is necessary. For example chains and spokes on a wheel need to be tightened every 4-12 months (with new parts, after the first month or so). Our chains come with a 6 months warranty, but that will not cover tightening the chain, which should ideally be done after the first 3 months and then every 6 months.

Also, we will only warranty a wheel if the spokes are tightened in time (we can do it as part of our basic maintenance), and if the bicycle didn’t have an accident (yes, carrying your drunk friend on the back on Saturday evening and getting stuck in the tram tracks counts 😀 ).

That’s about it folks,