1. Bike issue?

Did your chain fall off on your way to work? Ride through some glass? Or maybe you just need a tune up.


2. Pick a time

Use our iOS app and share your location automatically. Or just fill in the contact form below. No Wi-Fi? Use the offline mode on our app.


3. We fix your bike

We’ll come to your location and in less than 20 minutes your bike is fixed.


4. You’re ready to go

You’re back on the road in no time and your bike will be ready to take you anywhere!


Working Area

We aim to provide the fastest and most reliable bike service in Amsterdam. Our quickest response time will be in Area 1. We won’t charge anything for the visit.


We’ll gladly fix any bike in Area 2, but it takes a while to get there (we only use bikes to get around), so we charge €5 extra for travelling costs. Sometimes setting an appointment is subject to availability, so get in touch and we’ll do our best to get you back on the road!

We fix bikes 7 days per week from 09:00 till 21:00.


Transparency matters. With us, you will always know how much the repair costs beforehand.


We provide flexible payment methods: cash on the spot or through bank transfer or PayPal within 24h!


All prices include parts, labor and VAT!

Few things are as annoying as a flat tire. If your tire or tube is not too damaged, we can apply a patch. Otherwise, we will change the inner or outer tire for a long no-flat-tire experience.


For special tire requirements, get in touch for more info!

    • Flat tire repair (patch/valve)
    • Replace inner tube
    • Replace tire (puncture protection) + tube

    • €13
    • €20
    • €35

Does your chain keep falling off? No need to get your hands dirty. We can tighten it in no time. If it’s completely broken or really rusty, we will change it altogether.

    • Tightening chain
    • New chain
    • *Fixing gears
    • Adjusting brakes
    • Replacing brake cable
    • Replacing brake pads (per set)

    • €15
    • €25
    • starting from €15
    • €15
    • €17
    • €17

We can fix most bike problems. But what if nothing is broken?


Get one of our maintenance packages and make sure you won’t have any surprises tomorrow morning. Your bike will be happier too.

    • Basic maintenance
    • General maintenance
    • *Complete maintenance

    • €16
    • €32
    • €52

Whether you hit something, had a wild night, or just have an old bike, sometimes wheels get twisted. Little we can do but replace it. Get a new wheel on there that will last!

    • Truing wheel
    • *New front wheel
    • *New rear wheel (pedal-brake)
    •   +tire and tube

    • €20
    • starting from €40
    • starting from €60
    • +€20

Broken lock or missing key? We’ll come over and open it for you, provided that it’s your own bike. We can also bring a new lock to keep your bike safe.

    • *Lock service
    • *New back-wheel or chain lock

    • €20
    • €15

From comfortable seats to nice gadgets, whether you want to be more comfortable or just make it look splendid, it’s worth taking a peek at our selection of nice extras.

    • *Saddle Selle Royal standard
    • Pedal set
    • *Kickstand
    • *Front / rear light

    • €20
    • €18
    • €18
    • €15

*Special service: might require up to 1-3 days to perform depending on necessary parts.

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